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We offer the following services:

To express our appreciation for our loyal customers we have reduced our boat winterizing rates!. Our 2012 prices make us one of the least expensive locations in town for all your winterizing needs.  Again, thank you for your loyal support!.

Musky Shop: (262) 691-9659  |  Bait Shop: (262) 691-0360

Boat Winterizing and Storage

Outboard Boat Motor Winterizing 
Includes oil & filter change.

$95.00 under 35hp
$125.00 for 35hp and up
$189.00 for all 4-stroke motors

Stern Drive Boat Motor Winterizing
Includes oil & filter change.

$249 for all motor sizes

Boat Shrink Wrapping

$13.50 per foot
– For Runabouts and Fishing Boats
$14.50 per foot- Cabin and Pontoons Boats
Boat Seasonal Removal and Launch
                            All boats, any size boats!!!
$60.00 Spring in, $60.00 Fall out.
Boat Lift Removal and Storage 
All boat lifts are removed and stored at our Park Ave. Store.

fall removal and $90.00 spring put in
$100.00 to store lift for the winter season

Outdoor Boat Storage
            October – April

$9.00 per foot
(Example: 20′ boat = $180.00

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